Six ways to naturally relieve anxiety

If you’re a person who deals with a lot of worry, anxiety, and sort of this sympathetic stress, what we want to share with you today is ways to naturally relieve anxiety which is going to make a big impact on helping you reduce anxiety with using natural things like essential oils, superfoods, and other practices.

How to naturally relieve anxiety

1-Following the right diet

 One way to start reducing anxiety is to consume foods that are rich in healthy fats and reduce inflammation. Today most of us are getting way too many carbohydrates and sugar, causing us to live in a high state of anxiety. That’s because they cause insulin spikes, which then affects cortisol and puts us in a fight-or-flight state where we have high-stress hormones.

 To combat that, start consuming more healthy fats, reduce the carb consumption, and eat a lot of anti-inflammatory foods. For example, in the morning, eat a superfood smoothie with healthy fats from coconut. You can add in a little bit of avocado, almond butter, half a cup of blueberries or raspberries.

 Also, adding collagen powder or bone broth protein to your lunch is a good idea.  Eat a big salad with avocado olive oil, some balsamic vinegar and some chicken or salmon full of omega-3 fats for dinner.

 If you do that you’re going to notice a reduction in those anxiety levels, especially if you get the sugar and the carbs out.

2-Taking the right supplements

Magnesium known as the relaxation mineral is very calming to the body and can work wonders for reducing stress. Also, certain herbs that are adaptogens like ashwagandha are great for reducing anxiety.

3- Limit caffeine and alcohol

If you’re dealing with anxiety, you should cut out caffeine and alcohol of your diet or lower them as they really affect your anxiety levels and act like downers to your body, leaching and pulling nutrients from your liver.

 Your liver is responsible for detoxification, balancing hormones, rebuilding your body, and more.

Over consuming alcohol can really damage the liver. A glass of wine a couple of nights a week is fine, but more than that tends to start to be hard on the liver. Also, a little bit of green tea or Matcha during the day is fine. However, if you’re drinking coffee more than one glass or more than 125 milligrams a day that’s going to cause anxiety especially if it’s non-organic coffee as it sprayed with pesticides and chemicals which makes anxiety worse.

4-Incorporate essential oils

Incorporate more essential oils into your daily routine, especially lavender essential oil. You can take it by adding three to five drops of lavender to your water or rubbing it on your lymph nodes, on the base of your neck, under your nose, or on your temple to make sure your body start inhaling the lavender.

It’s very calming, and you can also get a diffuser and start diffusing lavender in your room. Also, there are other calming essential oils such as lemon, citrus, and chamomile essential oils that you can use topically or through a diffuser.

5-Get active

Most of us sit cooped up in an office or at home all day. Do you know that getting sunshine, fresh air, and just getting out nature has been shown in medical studies to reduce anxiety? There’s a practice also called grounding which means walking barefoot whether that is on the sand, the grass, or the woods. Even if you don’t do that, just getting outside reduces anxiety there as well.

 Also, as part of that, you can do different types of exercise; yoga has been shown in medical studies to reduce anxiety.

You all have time to exercise; you don’t need to exercise an hour a day. Just an hour a week or 20 minutes three times a week is all you need for exercise.

6-Get enough sleep

 Enough sleep is the last but not least way to naturally relieve anxiety. Did you know that if you’re getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, your chance of gaining weight goes up dramatically and also your risk of getting a cold and flu and all kinds of other issues?

So you need to get sleep at least seven hours but ideally, eight to nine hours of sleep.



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