Are You Being Scammed by Your Internet Provider? How to Test Your Internet Speed and Find Out

How To Measure Your Internet Speed

When people talk about their internet speed, they measure it in “megabytes per second” (Mbps). While all internet providers have different speeds they offer, here is a general rule of thumb for what you can expect to do at certain speeds.
1-3 Mbps: Light internet usage, such as checking email, surfing the web, and chatting online.

3-4 Mbps: Minimum speed for streaming video. With HD streaming, however, expect to buffer.
5-10 Mbps: 5 Mbps is the recommended speed for streaming a single HD video. If you have multiple people streaming in your house simultaneously, expect to buffer.
10-20 Mbps: If you want a decent internet connection, this is the minimum speed you should purchase. This speed will allow for downloads, streaming, and more with a fairly reliable connection.

20+ Mbps: This is the best possible speed level for households with multiple computers and multiple people connecting to and using the internet on a regular basis.
Once you ensure that you have purchased the correct speed for your amount of usage, it’s time to test and make sure you are getting the speed you paid for. Internet Speed Test There are several different tools and websites you can use to test your internet speed. Sometimes it is a good idea to test your connection across several different websites.


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