15 Secrets to Taking the Perfect Selfie

In today’s world, knowing how to take the perfect selfie is a skill that you can’t afford to miss. We post selfies everywhere – from Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram – and everywhere in between. Knowing how to get that perfect angle on the first try or how to recognize when the lighting is perfect is a great way to start taking and posting great selfies online. There are a lot of tips and tricks and celebrity secrets floating around on the internet, so we’ve collected the best of the best secrets here and narrowed it down to the top 15 you need to know for taking the perfect selfie.

1. Use Instagram Filters

While it may seem too obvious or easy, one of the best ways to instantly upgrade your selfies to higher quality is to apply an Instagram filter. There are several Instagram filters that can make your selfies look brighter or darker, or that accentuate certain colors.

2. Take the picture from above

One of the best angles for taking a selfie is to angle the camera above your face and look up into the camera. It slims your features and highlights your eyes.

3. Use two hands

Using two hands to hold the camera will not only serve to help steady the camera and keep your hands from shaking as you take the photo, but it will also help you frame the photo for an altogether better shot.

4. Include more than just your face

Show a little of your neck, shoulder, and upper torso as well! Don’t be shy.

5. Turn in a Circle

While holding your camera at the angle you want to take your selfie, slowly spin in a circle until you find the best lighting for your picture. This is especially a handy tip if you’re taking your picture outdoors.

6. Show off something new

Use the selfie to highlight a new accessory – such as a new pair of sunglasses, to take the focus off you and make the selfie seem much more candid and natural.

7. Pose with a Pet

Pets are always adorable, and they can take the focus off a bad hair day or the fact that you aren’t wearing makeup.

8. Show off your Body

Try using a mirror to take a full-body selfie. Show off your outfit that day or your after-workout glow!

9. Edit the Photo

There are a lot of apps out there that allow you to edit photos almost like a professional. You can smooth out imperfections on your skin or blur the background.

10. Have a signature pose

Know which pose looks best and use that pose as your go-to whenever you take a selfie. Then you are guaranteed a better chance at taking a great picture on the first try.

11. Embrace bad lighting

Sometimes a shadowy photo can look just as good as a well-lit one. Embrace the shadows for a new and unique aesthetic.

12. Find the perfect shade of lipstick

Accentuate your best features with a pop of color for the best selfie. This can be your lips, eyes, or something else!

13. Keep the background to a minimum

A selfie is all about you, so make sure the background doesn’t take up more of the photo than you do.

14. No-Face selfies


Instead of taking a picture of your face, take a picture of your bottom half, such as your shoes or your legs in a cute pair of jeans.

15. Use your phone’s back camera

Everyone knows the back camera is much better than the forward-facing camera. So for the best quality photos, use the back camera.


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