15 mistakes you should avoid in hair care

Beauty is made of many things. However, it’s secure to say that healthful and well-kept hair plays one of the key roles in developing a completely unique and appealing image.

Today, we are bringing you a guide to the most common errors women make of their quest to have the hair in their dreams.

Mistake № 1. Wrong use of your hairdryer

The usage of a hairdryer incorrectly can cause damage to your hair. Here’s a step-by-step guide that’ll assist you to keep away from mistakes:

First of all, blot moist hair with a towel. Then take a flat nozzle attachment and fix it in your hairdryer. Start drying your hair from roots to ends, making sure that the dryer nozzle is located at a pointy angle to the hair strands. Such a way enables to close the cuticles.

At the start, even as the hair remains wet, it is good enough to switch the dryer to maximum temperature. However then, step by step, the temperature needs to be reduced to keep away from overdrying. A word of recommendation — when shopping for a hairdryer, consider models with more than one temperature settings!

End the process by means of treating your hair to a few blasts of cold air.