15 Tricks Celebrities Use to Look Flawless in Photos

Celebs know all the best tricks to make themselves look amazing in every photo. From the way they turn their heads, to the way they hold their mouths, every pose is more intimately planned than you can possibly imagine. Luckily, this makes it easy to steal their manufactured poses and look flawless in every photo you take as well. Here are our top tips!

  • Press Your Tongue to the Roof of Your Mouth – Like Blake Lively

As you’ll notice in almost all Blake Lively’s pictures, when she smiles, she presses her tongue to the roof of her mouth or the back of her front teeth. This prevents the smile from becoming too wide and looking fake.

  • Nail Your Pose – Like Laverne Cox

Have a go-to pose that accentuates your best features or prevents you from standing awkwardly, like Laverne Cox. Her signature pose is a casual hand on her hip.

  • Use a Makeup App – Like the Kardashians

Whenever the Kardashians post a photo, they first always edit it using some sort of makeup or face editing app. This allows them to blur away imperfections for the perfect photo every time. As long as you don’t overdo it, no one will be able to tell the difference.

  • Know the Right Angles – Like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande knows the best ways to angle her body in front of a camera so that she emphasizes her body’s best features.

  • Know Your Good Side – Like Zendaya

It’s true – everyone has a good side and a … not-so-good side. Know which side is your best and always point it towards the camera for an increased chance at a flawless shot.

  • Where colors and patterns suited to your body – Like Mindy Kahling

Mindy knows exactly how to dress so that she always looks amazing in whatever she puts on, and thus looks amazing in every photo. Have a signature style that flatters you and you’ll always look amazing!

  • Make Sure Your Makeup Matches Your Skin – Like Demi Lovato

Often, we don’t know until after the photo is taken that our makeup is several shades different from our skin tone. Avoid this disaster, Like Demi Lovato, has, by asking a professional to help you select the perfect shade.

  • Smile with Your Eyes – Like Tyra Banks

This piece of advice is tried and true: smize, or, smile with your eyes. Put emotion into your eyes to liven up any photo you take.

  • Wear Your Hair to One Side – Like Beyoncé

Have a unique way to balance out a photo, like Beyoncé, who often wears her hair to one side so she can show it off at the best angles for photos.

  • Purse Your Lips – Like Chrissy Teigen

By pursing her lips, Chrissy Teigen accentuates her cheekbones and makes her face appear more sculpted.

  • Cross Your Legs at the Ankle – Like Alexa Chung

Whether standing or sitting, this is a great pose because it lengthens the body, making you appear thinner and taller. Alexa Chung knows this trick well.

  • Look up at the Camera – Like Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr knows that the best way to smile at a camera is from below. Raising the camera above face level will make your cheekbones and facial angles pop.

  • Put the Tip of Your Chin Out – Like Bella Thorne
Labeled for reuse

Jutting the tip of your chin out slightly like Bella Thorne will strain the neck muscles and give you an incredible, thin jawline.

  • Have Slightly Messy Hair – Like Candice Swanepoel
labeled for reuse

Finally, one of the best secrets to looking flawless is to, well, not look flawless. Make your hair look slightly messy like Candice Swanepoel for casually beautiful photos.

  • Get the Perfect Lighting – Like Ali Levine

Turn to face the light, like Ali Levine and you’ll always look glowing and radiant. This works especially great if you use the golden hour of sunset to light your photo.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who know great secrets for stunning photos! What are your tricks of the trade? if you like the information in this article then please share it with your family and friends.