10 Awesome Hacks to Clean Your House without Using Nasty Chemicals

Today, our modern lifestyle has brought us a home filled with hazardous detergents to create our domestic life more convenient, and we have gotten used to them that we can barely imagine our weekly cleanup without them.

Chemical-based cleaning goods are pricey, can trigger health issue, and their production, disposal, and use damage our environment.

Cleaning a home obviously is no harder than cleaning it by harsh chemicals. When you switch to organic cleaning products, you will realize that your home is clean and even cleaner than before with more fresh air.

We have gathered several tips that can reduce your entire family’s exposure to compounds that comprise your health behind the scene.

Shine Dull Floors in Minutes

Cleaning hardwood flooring with vinegar and water is the best way to bring them that fresh glow you always desired. Just dissolve 1/4 cup of vinegar in 1 liter of water, and your liquid floor cleaner is prepared. If your floor is tiled, then use boiling water to give them sparkle.