Science Reveals That True Love Makes Couples Gain Weigh

The safety and security of being wrapped in the sweet embrace of someone you love don’t come with no cons. Being a single at least benefit you to stave off those pesky pounds.

The notion that couples who truly love each other get fat might sounds wives tale and far-fetched, but recent science-backed evidence supports the truth in happy newlyweds and couples being more prone to weight gain.

When you are single, life appears to be all about you, but when Eyes Tied Together with that special someone, and you start wondering how you ever lived without this person, everything changes.

Newlyweds have more tender to go out than established couples, which indirectly means sipping cocktails and delicious food while gazing into each other’s eyes. These infatuations may also make your waist grow wider.

Newlyweds Tend to Get Fat

What happens for those efforts you put in sweaty exercise and military diet to be the best version of yourself in wedding photos?

Results for women

One recent study tracked the weights of over 8,000 couples for years and found these surprising results:

Married women gain 24 pounds, on average, in the initial five years. But the same approach applies to non-marital happy and stable relationships:

Cohabiting unmarried women gain 18 pounds in this period.

Women who are in a relationship but living separately gain only 15 pounds.

Results for men

Being married or not doesn’t make many differences in men’s weigh gain. Men after at least two years of cohabiting, gain at least 25 pounds than men living apart from their partners.

The scientists concluded that living together raises the odds of obesity for both men and women.

Another trusted-source study has found that young newlyweds who are happy with their marriage tend to put on extra weight compared to couples who aren’t as satisfied with their relationship.

So, if your partner has gained some weight, you probably are that special someone.

Is Weight Gain Contagious

The very study over 8,000 people we mentioned above indicates that women who happily live with their partners are more likely to become obese within a year, and men’s odds increase within two years. As a whole, married couples tend to experience this weight gain within two years.

Another study discovered that if one partner in a marriage relationship gets obese, the other spouse has a 37 percent higher chance of gaining weight, too.

Most scientists agree the cause of couple weight gain is quite simple:  behavior is contagious. When you’re cohabiting, you’re more likely to eat the same things and do the same activities that your partner does.

Married Couples Still Eat Healthier


Several studies that examined the behaviors of people in Europe all have revealed that people who have never been married are more likely to have a lower body mass index. In contrast, married couples tend to consume less fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes. However, if you’re in a happy relationship, it should not only mean taking care of each other’s hearts but also paying attention to each other’s health. So exercise together, eat out less, choose healthier snacks to stay healthy together for a long, long time.